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Recorded Music

The Louie D Project "Outta Control"

I am proud to be the guitarist for The Louie D Project. Featuring Louis Dixson on saxaphone and vocals, Jesse Anderson on bass, and Paul Walls on drums and vocals.

Julie The Starfish

Parents call it " the Magic Cd". From the first note, it calms the entire family. Infants respond to the ethereal blend of voice and guitar and older children love to sing and listen to the stories told through the songs. Relax into a peaceful slumber.

All You Need Is Love: Beatles Songs for Kids

What could possibly be cooler than hipping kids to some of the best pop music ever made? Music for Little People makes this project simple by producing a batch of the Beatles' sunniest songs performed by a prime adult band and your children's peers and slightly reworked in kid-friendly keys.
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